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Office Break Room Cleaning: A Step-by-Step Guide

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The office break room is more than just an area for your employees to relax, enjoy lunch and reenergize with a cup of coffee in the afternoon. It’s also a place where up to 500 kinds of bacteria can be harbored, risking the health of your office and employees.

The stats are shocking — but they shed light on just how important it is to keep your office break room clean and sanitary.

That box of tea bags on the break room counter? It can hold as many as 17 times more bacteria as the average toilet seat.

The handle of your tea kettle? That can harbor as many as 12 times the bacteria of a toilet seat.

The fridge door and countertops are cleaned more frequently than those objects, but they can harbor eight times and five times as much bacteria as a toilet seat, respectively.

The good news is that creating an area-specific cleaning checklist can help reduce the amount of germs and bacteria in your break room. Stock up on your favorite cleaning supplies in Danville and make these steps a priority:

Daily Cleaning

Dust shelves, vents, light fixtures and fans.
Wipe down tables, sinks, counters and walls.
Wash utensils, dishes and mugs.
Empty the trashcans and coffee maker.
Sweep the floors, taking care to reach areas under and behind furniture.
Mop the floors, working from the corer furthest from the exit.

Weekly Cleaning

Empty out the fridge, tossing any food that is past its prime.
Sanitize the microwave, trashcans, garbage disposal and refrigerator.
Scrub your tile floors and sinks.
Wipe down windows.
Vacuum your floor mats.

Monthly Cleaning

Clean the inside of your garbage cans, recycling bins and fridge.