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Cleaning Supplies in Danville for Combatting Spots and Stains

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What’s the difference between a spot and a stain? About 24 hours. That’s how long you have to prevent a spot from turning into a more stubborn stain. Follow these tips to keep your carpets looking their best, even after a spill.

The key to spot removal is to act quickly. With a fast response, most spills can be removed with just a little clean water, blotting and some gentle scrubbing action. But what do you do for bigger spills or actual stains?

Choose the Right Cleaning Supplies in Danville

If you didn’t act fast enough when the spot occurred, you can turn to hydrogen peroxide-based carpet cleaning supplies in Danville to get the job done. Preferred for general purpose carpet cleaning, these products do not leave a residue in carpet. This is important because overusing certain other carpet cleaning products can leave behind enough residue to re-soil the area.

Hydrogen peroxide cleaners are great for tackling most stains, including tannin ones like tea and coffee, but they do not perform well for oil-based or grease stains. For those, you should use specialty cleaners designed to tackle these tougher cleaning jobs. For organic stains, like blood, urine or food, try an enzyme-based cleaner to restore your carpet. A white terrycloth towel is your best bet for blotting, and a stiff nylon brush can be used with any of these solutions to deep-clean the carpet.

Because fast action is required to prevent spots from turning into stains, it is a good idea to have a can of stain remover on hand in your inventory at all times. To stock up on your supply of carpet cleaning supplies in Danville and be ready to tackle any spill, contact the team here at DP Supply, Inc.